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In terms of innovation, cryptocurrency is one of the greatest inventions by the anonymous creator. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency will rule out all other modes of transactions in near future. In a very short period, cryptocurrency gained its popularity and did an outstanding job to catch up with human interest especially the worldwide investors. Exceptionally, cryptocurrency comes out of that danger zone as the market at times market shows wild volatility. The candles keep dipping and that is the moment when the FOMO begins to overpower the investors and they sell their crypto assets. Traders need to show their patience as volatility is a phenomenon of the market. Investors cannot be in a hurry and expect a sudden profit. The time has now come when the world needs a new marketing platform. It needs to be revamped and that is going to take place and possible with cryptocurrency. Many tech giants and asset managers have already invested their money in cryptocurrency in huge bulk. The government is intervening to regulate the legal usage of cryptocurrency and no discrepancies could take place for wrong deeds. Cryptocurrency will allow freedom to a man who is succumbed under several levels of divergent parties. It gives the liberty to the traders to trade across the oceans without any hassle or intervention of a third party. Concerning the above-mentioned future aspects of cryptocurrency, Etor Exchange is launching a trader-friendly exchange platform especially for the Indian traders who can use their INR to trade. This is the first time when any exchange in India is providing such a facility. Etor Exchange’s primary focus is to provide 100X leverage where investors can take up to 100X collateral amount. Traders can now take the leverage and make a higher bid and get the opportunity to earn higher profits. But at the same time, it is also advised that investors should have the proper knowledge about the crypto market before taking the higher leverage. High leverage also comes with higher risk rates. Following some basic rules, it’s a beneficial platform to earn and turn the financial position. This is the way cryptocurrency is gradually changing the world and the day is not far off when cryptocurrency would rule out the prevailing ones.

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